Regionální muzeum v Teplicích, p.o.

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Visiting hours
Tuesday - Sunday
10 - 12 a.m. and 1 - 5 p.m.

Entrance fee
Adults 50,- Kč
Reduced (pensioners, children, teenagers, group etc.) 30,- Kč
Children up to 6 years FREE
Family ticket 110,- Kč



Visiting hours
Tuesday - Friday 12 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday 10 - 12 a.m. and 1 - 5 p.m.

Entrance fee
Adults 30,- Kč
Reduced (pensioners, children, teenagers, group etc.) 20,- Kč
Children up to 6 years FREE
Family ticket 70,- Kč

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Museum in Krupka

The museum in Krupka was founded in 1919 by the local Museum society, which later placed it in the buildng of the old Municipal House on the square. In 1976 the collections and the building were taken over by the Regional Museum (at that time the District Museum) in Teplice, which devoted some of its expositions to the nature of north-west Bohemia, tin mining and its processing, and the history of Krupka.

In the Krupka museum, the branch of the Regional Museum Teplice, there are three stabile exibitions:

„Krupka and tin“
„The Northwest Bohemia Nature“
„Geological exhibition“

In the exhibition „Krupka and tin“ approximately 600 three-dimension exhibits are concentrated. The exhibition is designed to show local history from the earliest times up to the present and in the parallel way also the mining and utilization of tin and first of all presentation of tin products. In the separate room, on the are of about 10 m2, the portrayal of an ore mine is placed.

In zoological part of the exhibition „The Northwest Bohemia Nature“ invertebrates and vrtebrates are exhibited. You can see here about 1200 preserved animals. The exhibition is divided into four parts:
aquatic fauna and fauna of close environs - ribers, brooks, ponds, pools, flooded pits and swamps
fauna of human housing estates, yards, gardens and parks
fauna of open country, fields, meadows, orchards and brown-coal mines
fauna of wooded parts of the Ore Mountains and the Bohemian Midmountains.

The part of the natural-historical exhibition is formed with 200 well made konds of mushrooms - edible, inedible and venomous which can be found in the Ore Mountains and Bohemian Midmountains.
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at Krupka

In the mineralogical exhibition there are numbers of minerals mined in this region in past. Cassiterite is the main mineral of local deposits. At present no mining is proceeding in the Ore Mountains region.

The palaeontological part of the animate nature exhibition represents a comprehensive picture of fossils of all geological formations represented in Teplice district.


Address: Krupka, Husitská Str. 21, phone: +420 417 862 042

Opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday 9.30 - 16.30

Entrance fee: Adults 40,- Kč
Reduced (pensioners, children, teenagers, group etc.) 30,- Kč
Children up to 6 years FREE
Family ticket 90,- Kč

Transport service: from Teplice by city bus Nr. 136 or 142


Krupka and tin

The exposition “Krupka and tin” has two parts: “Mining and processing of tin” and “The History of the town Krupka”.


The Nature of North-West Bohemia

On the first floor of the museum there is the exposition "The nature of north-west Bohemia" which exhibits minerals from the Krupka and Cinovec regions and 200 kinds of edible, inedible and venomous mushrooms and species of the north-west Bohemian fauna.

Regionální muzeum v Teplicích
Muzeum specializující se na archeologii a přírodu severozápadních Čech, historii nejstarších lázní, výrobu keramiky, porcelánu a skla.

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